Increase your chances of success on anything by 50%

By Jonathan Desaussure

Dreams become reality when intention becomes action.

It is later afternoon in suburbia. Rain falls in the form of a mist gently onto the ground. A nice sedan is parked on the grass. Out of the front door of a house run Dad, Mom, and their cute little girl. They move quickly to the car to avoid the rain. Dad takes drivers position; Mom takes shotgun, and the daughter, backseat driver. Without even thinking about it, Dad starts the car, throws the car in gear, and mashes the gas. The engine races, but the outside scenery doesn’t change.
“We must be stuck in the mud,” says Mom. Dad looks at her as if she just discovered gold. He takes his foot off the gas, pops open the door, and leans out to look at the rear wheel. He steps on the gas. The car’s engine roars. The tires move – maybe one inch. He pulls himself back into the car and looks at his wife.
“Well, we know two things,” he says, “One, there is no mud to be stuck in, and two, we still aren’t moving.”

“Maybe the transmission is bad,” says Mom.
“Car’s too new,” Dad, answers back.
“Solenoid, maybe?” she asks him. He shakes his head, no, in a vigorous manner.
“Nah, the solenoid is part of the starting circuit. Mom and Dad sit frustrated. They want to go somewhere and get things done but are stuck.
“I know what’s wrong daddy,” says the little girl. Both parents turn and look back at her, mostly to humor her.
“What do you think it is sweetheart?” asks Dad.
“Member when you told me, to get thinks done, people have to make a list and check things off?”
“Yes. That’s so you don’t forget to do something.”
“Well, you mush have forgotten something because didn’t go through your drivers to-do list.”
Dad looks at Mom, as if to be asking her what he should do.
“Humor her,” says Mom. Dad runs through his steps mentally. One, unlock the car. Two… get in and sit down. Three… put the keys in the ignition. Four, release the parking brake. He looks down and the parking brake is on. He releases the parking brake, and then climbs over the back seat and kisses his child on the forehead. The little girl folds her arms across her chest and smiles big.

Many people find themselves stuck sometimes and wonder why they can’t get things done. It doesn’t matter what the objective: Get into shape, write a book, increase their income, or have more sex. It all comes down to what I call the shrunken goal sheet – the to-do list. A goal is something you want to achieve. You can’t instantly arrive at your goal, but you must take steps to get there. This is where the to-do list helps you get there. Without some form of a to-do list, you are trying to ride through life with the parking brake on. The to-do list is how you get the wheels of progress turning. The key word here is “do.” It requires action, the biggest determinate in success. I know. Some of you may be thinking, all I need now is another damn thing to keep up with. My gosh, I already have sixty-six passwords to remember. I know. You may need a password list. Anyway, I’m telling you this helps. You wake up in the morning already knowing what you have to do. All you have to do is get into state and get to it. Here how you make your personal to-do list.

  1. Decide what is big things are you want to accomplish.
  2. Prioritize those things from most important to least. The importance of those things comes from your specific value system.

  3. Break those large tasks into small bite-size action tasks

  4. Put a date on those smaller tasks

  5. Get started, now!

Here is something to remember. Be flexible in your approach to accomplishment to the point that you don’t become so rigid that it all falls apart on you. Unforeseen events will happen. You may have to switch your priorities around to meet an emergency. Don’t sweat it. That used to be my problem. Make the goal a must, but at the same time realize life happens. I hear someone asking now,  “what if I don’t finish on time?” Don’t worry about it and finish as soon as you can anyway. You are closer to your dreams or goals if you continue to move toward them. Every time a person attempts something, there are only two possibilities, they succeed, or they fail. What happens when a person does nothing? That’s right… nothing. By making a to-do list, and doing the task you set before yourself, you increase your chances of success by fifty percent. Always do it anyway. If you don’t finishes in time, next time, give yourself more time to accomplish the tasks. On the other side, don be too lax on yourself either. You need some task tension under your butt. Water boils because energy causes the molecules to move faster. Thinks happen because you move faster. Turn it up to two hundred twelve degrees Fahrenheit degrees baby. Go get it.

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Published by

Jonathan Desaussure

Jonathan is an entrepreneur and author who lives in the USA. He likes to focus on content that he feels will entertain and educate his audience. Since Jonathan has been writing, he has written four books, six screenplays, and a TV pilot, which he recently finished. Soon he'll be back to blogging. He's excited about the things to come.

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