How to Handle Life’s Negatives


 Jonathan Desaussure


“Life isn’t about how hard you can hit; it’s about how much you can get hit and keep moving forward.” – Rocky Balboa

(Movie, Balboa 2006)


Everyone has negative situations occur in their lives. Negative happens to all of us. There’s no escaping it. There are two things you need to do when you are facing adversity.

Before I tell you what they are, I want to prove it to you with your help. You’ll get it by taking note of the person and his behavior I’ll talk about in my anecdote.

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Perceive the Power of Persistence – it’s in you.

Energy and Persistence Conquer all things. – Benjamin Franklin


If you have lived long enough, you’ll have noticed that there is a natural order to things.  It takes a while for us to see that order sometimes, but its there.  It’s always there.  God  has put it there in hopes that we would see it and discover  a law in effect.

Lets looks at some examples.  I ‘ll call this the law of persistence. When you and I exercise consistently, do we not get more fit? Have you ever seen trees grow in places that would seem impossible for them grow?  Did you know it took 5-6 million years for the Colorado River to form the Grand Canyon?  Now that’s persistent.

What all these examples have in common is opposition, resistance – something  in the way of it’s objective. Now, is that the blessing or the curse? I guess it depends on how we decide to look at it.  Those of us that have goals don’t have 6 million years to achieve them. If we don’t take into account we have limited time, I vote this way of looking at resistance is a curse. However; if we look at the obstacles as a necessary factor in development, that is the blessing.  We all have the ability to adapt. God designed it that way.  We adapt in our minds if we have the mental capacity to do so, and  we adapt in our bodies. If that’s true, then why don’t we all have what we want? That’s another seminar, but one of the most obvious reasons is what I call the challenge vs comfort rule.  Comfort is nice. It doesn’t require much mental or physical energy. There is no pain.  That’s the permanent sweet spot for most of us.  You know what I’m talking about.  It’s much easier to eat that slice of pecan pie that’s 800 calories than it is to do 800 calories of exercise to burn it off.  To achieve, we must press on until. That requires energy, pain, sacrifice, and discipline. In other words, putting ourselves in the challenge zone.

So what’s pushing you no? What has you frustrated? What situation is nonsense to you to deal with, but necessary to conquer in order to achieve your goal?   Don’t be discouraged. Press on. I’m going to talk to you like I talk to myself.  Look the damn problem in the eye and kick it’s ass.  I kick your problems *%!. You will eventually win. If you don’t achieve your goal when you want, at least you’ll be a lot further along.

Smile and be blessed.

Jonathan Desaussure



Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Hello all. It’s been a minute or two since I’ve blogged an entry.  I had tucked myself away to finish a project I was working on entitled “RESILIENCE.” It’s volume two of a series I’m working on.  I’m offering it at a discount through the holidays for those who are interested.  You can get the details of the book here.  Before you go purchase, be sure to take this code with you: (DRDJFHUJ) It allows you the 15 % discount for the paperback only.

No a quick note to the nature of my blog.

As you go through the holidays, relax and reflect, but don’t throw off all restraint. It’s the time of year where many, gain weight, get sick, and go into debt. Remember, it back to the business of ordinary life when the holidays are over.  Rest and come back ready to rumble toward your goals.

Resilience is all about being able to overcome the unexpected. Sustainability is about survival. The goal of resilience is to thrive. –

Jamais Cascio
Happy Holidays, love, peace, and much prosperity in every area of your life.
Jonathan Desaussure


Good day.  I felt poetic today instead of educational; although there may be some eduction the following poem. Enjoy.


You wake up in the morning getting ready to chase your goal,
but you have the energy of someone who has slept in a small hole.

You tell yourself it’s okay, and move forward with all your might,
full of intention,  a stern chin, and the will to fight.

You’ve heard the words: it’s okay to get knocked down,
but deep inside, you believe, winners have no place on the ground.

You don’t know what’s coming your way today, success, famine, or blight, but know this, God gave you the power of choice to make whatever happens to you all right.

-Jonathan Desaussure

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Faith, the First step in the Success Journey

By Jonathan Desaussure

Faith is our light in times of darkness that illuminates our pathway to success.

It’s been a minute since I put anything here on this blog. I’ve been focused on finishing another project that I wanted to see done as soon as possible. I did achieve my goal. There were times when I thought I would never get the thing done by the time I wanted it done. Murphy showed up a number of times to hold things up, and I didn’t invite him. Just in case you don’t know Murphy; that’s the name given to unwelcomed and unforeseen problems that get in the way of us accomplishing something. As I sat in my office chair with a big smile on my face, savoring the feeling of accomplishment in spite of all the challenges, I reflected on how I managed to get through it all. It was by the use of faith and action. Faith was the key.

If you’ve lived long enough, you’ve no doubt ran into situations that have turned your life, and your schedule, upside down, inside out, or both. The situation types are endless. Any negative situation can be devastating and binding on the human psyche. Here’s how.

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By Jonathan Desaussure

The key is not to prioritize your schedule, but to schedule your priorities – Steven Covey

Today’s blog entry is a continuation of a three-part series I have been doing entitled mental blind spots. Here’s a quick review. I call a mental blind spot a process of thinking one has that prevents him or her from getting the results he or she wants for lack of awareness. My first topic of discussion was fear. The second topic was poor self-image. Today’s topic is about having the wrong priorities. Let’s look at a real-life situation using a fictional character to demonstrate.