Critics Criticize and Doers Do

Doers do, and critics criticize. It’s interesting that critics think their way is the only way to do something. Some of them really want to do that thing they’re criticizing, but they are so  busy criticizing that they fail leave the time to do that very thing.



Perceive the Power of Persistence – it’s in you.

Energy and Persistence Conquer all things. – Benjamin Franklin


If you have lived long enough, you’ll have noticed that there is a natural order to things.  It takes a while for us to see that order sometimes, but its there.  It’s always there.  God  has put it there in hopes that we would see it and discover  a law in effect.

Lets looks at some examples.  I ‘ll call this the law of persistence. When you and I exercise consistently, do we not get more fit? Have you ever seen trees grow in places that would seem impossible for them grow?  Did you know it took 5-6 million years for the Colorado River to form the Grand Canyon?  Now that’s persistent.

What all these examples have in common is opposition, resistance – something  in the way of it’s objective. Now, is that the blessing or the curse? I guess it depends on how we decide to look at it.  Those of us that have goals don’t have 6 million years to achieve them. If we don’t take into account we have limited time, I vote this way of looking at resistance is a curse. However; if we look at the obstacles as a necessary factor in development, that is the blessing.  We all have the ability to adapt. God designed it that way.  We adapt in our minds if we have the mental capacity to do so, and  we adapt in our bodies. If that’s true, then why don’t we all have what we want? That’s another seminar, but one of the most obvious reasons is what I call the challenge vs comfort rule.  Comfort is nice. It doesn’t require much mental or physical energy. There is no pain.  That’s the permanent sweet spot for most of us.  You know what I’m talking about.  It’s much easier to eat that slice of pecan pie that’s 800 calories than it is to do 800 calories of exercise to burn it off.  To achieve, we must press on until. That requires energy, pain, sacrifice, and discipline. In other words, putting ourselves in the challenge zone.

So what’s pushing you no? What has you frustrated? What situation is nonsense to you to deal with, but necessary to conquer in order to achieve your goal?   Don’t be discouraged. Press on. I’m going to talk to you like I talk to myself.  Look the damn problem in the eye and kick it’s ass.  I kick your problems *%!. You will eventually win. If you don’t achieve your goal when you want, at least you’ll be a lot further along.

Smile and be blessed.

Jonathan Desaussure




Jonathan Desaussure

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Life isn’t always about holding good cards,
but playing a bad hand well. – Jack London

Two men are sitting behind their desks, which happen to be directly across from one another. Daniel, who is thirty five, wearing a dark blue suit, and a red tie, leans back in his chair and kicks his feet on top of his desk, so everyone can see his black, time-honored, wing–tip shoes. He’s chews on the tip of his pen, as he looks at Henry, who is forty, wearing dingy grey pants, a short-sleeve white shirt, and a clip-on tie.
“You got that position yet?” Henry asks Daniel with a tone of sarcasm in his voice, hoping to knock the expression of confidence off of Daniels face. Daniel takes his pen out of his mouth and says,
“I just want you to know, that position as the assistant director of administration is mine. Don’t you worry about it.”
“Yeah right,” says Henry. “That’s what you’ve been saying for the past two years. They aren’t going to hire you. They haven’t given it to anybody. You should give up. Nobody is gonna get it.”
“They will my friend, They will,” says Daniel. “They have to. Only Slater and I qualify for the job, and I have the most experience.”
“Says who?” asks Henry.
“Morrison,” says Daniel, and then a smug smile settles on his face.
“Morrison wouldn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. Why don’t you just give it up and be happy working along with the rest of us ordinary worker bees, man,” says Henry.
Daniel rolls his eyes, puts his feet down, turns away from Henry, and goes back to work. While he’s working, he pauses a moment, glances at Henry, and mumbles to himself, “I don’t know why I even talk to that guy. He has no motivation what’s so ever.”

Morrison, who is fifty, stout, and clean shaven, walks into the work room. The light conversation and papers rustling in the background fade to silence. All eyes fall upon him. There is a long awkward moment, as he looks back at all the faces that are looking at him. The expressions on their faces let him know, that they know, something is up. He clears his throat and announces,
“It has been bought to my attention that the company is downsizing.” Immediately, there’s a short wave of verbal expressions, contorted faces, and sighs of shock. Henry’s mouth drops open. Daniel is puzzled. His face shows it. He scratches his head.

Morrison continues, “At lunch today, all of you please stop by the personnel office and pick up an envelope with your name on it. In that envelope will be a letter that tells you if you are laid off, or if you’ll get minimal part time.”
“What the hell is minimal part time?” asks Henry.
“Between eight and fifteen hours a week,” says Morrison, and then, he turns around and walks out of the room. The workers trade blank stares.

It’s lunch time. There’s a line of people outside the entrance of the personnel office. “Patricia Slater,” yells a woman from inside the office. Slater walks into the office rather slowly. The woman barks out some other names. Some employees walk out of the office, upset. Slater walks past Henry and Daniel, distraught.
Daniel gives Salter a sideways glance.
“Did you see that, Henry? Slater is balling. Maybe she got the ax.”
“You’re gonna get it too buddy. They are seriously downsizing. That gets cut from the top,” says Henry.

The woman calls Daniel’s name. He walks into the personnel office and over to the desk. With an expressionless face, she hands him his envelope. He takes it, opens it, and looks inside. The woman calls Henry’s name. He swallows hard and walks up to the woman. He takes his envelope and looks inside.

Daniel and Henry meet in the hallway moments later.
“What did you get?” asks Daniel.
“Doesn’t matter. I quit! Damn this crap,” says Henry, and then he slaps his envelope into Daniels hand and walks away. Daniel looks at Henry’s notice. It says Henry will work eleven hours a week. Daniel shakes his head and says to himself, “I don’t know what he’s complaining about. They only gave me eight. I’ll use the extra thirty two hours to look for another job.”

Events like this happen every day. There isn’t such a thing as living in a perfect world. Unexpected pregnancies, sudden divorces, or surprise chronic sicknesses, are among the things that happen us all. Surprise events are the strong winds that blow on us suddenly and from any given direction. It’s just one of those things are beyond our control. You may be thinking, Jonathan, what are we poor souls to do in such when things hit us like that? Just be dust in the wind? Roll over and wet on ourselves? Let the winds of changes take us where they may? I say no! I’ve learned to keep on keeping on. We must remember we always have the power to choose how we are going to respond to adversity. Henry took his news and probably made his situation worse by quitting in anger. Daniel chose to use the new found free time to find profitable work elsewhere. Same situation for both men, but very different responses to the situation, and their responses will make all the difference in their futures. As we move down the river of life, we are bound to hit the rapids at some point on our journey.

Here are five things we can do to help us navigate life’s rapids.

  1. Don’t give into doubts. Once we think we can’t, we can’t.
  2. Decide not to make things worse.
  3. Decide where we want to go from that point and get going.
  4. Decide to be resilient in the pursuit of what it is you want.
  5. Dot the best you can. You’ll get better if you don’t quit.

Join me next time when I share a much needed skill to help you handle the adversity.

I hope this helps you and blesses you in some situation you may be facing in your life. Remember, it ain’t over until it’s ALL over.


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How to give your dreams a chance

By Jonathan Desaussure

To win the game, you have to be in the game.

Have you suffered the disappointment of not reaching your goals? Sure you have, unless you’ve never tried. Some of you are feeling that way now. I had to kick that stuff out of my head awhile ago. None of us are immune to it but we can all do something about it. Take that feeling and squash it. Yes, squash it. We have that ability to squash it.

Do you know why we let those feeling come upon us? More than likely, that feeling is habit from not knowing how to fight it off and lack of awareness that you have been influenced by NEOOP. What the heck is a NEOOP you may ask? NEOOP is an acronym for negative effects of other people. Here are examples of neoop influence. It’s the jealous smile you get from a person who believes you can’t do something he or she can’t imagine themselves doing it. It’s the comments from well-meaning friends and family who encourage mediocrity from you instead of excellence. It’s the sudden attitude of disinterest from the person who asked you how are things going, and you told him or her you were making great strides. They have a negative attitude toward you because they expected you would be floating downstream with them instead of swimming upstream toward your dreams. Once you become susceptible to the NEOOP, then you become your worst enemy. Your psyche is divided into two halves: the win-half, and the lose-half. For some reason, you are rooting for the lose-half. Stop it! This is not the way to do it. If you stay in that mental state long enough, you’ll end up discouraged, which is a poor mental state to do anything. It’s better to fringing pissed off and tell the world go $#@! itself.

Well if you are there, I’m here to get you out of it. If you are not, then don’t go there. That’s what synergy is all about. It’s about aligning you and all your skills and strategies in one direction to have harmony and success. It would be nice to have harmony and cooperation from others all the time too, but that’s not the way it works. Too many people have trivial things on their minds and hang-ups over even smaller stuff. You can’t do anything about what they are hung up on, but you can do something about you. How bad do you want it? Are you willing to go after it until…? Ditch those useless feelings of defeat and disappointment. Get you ass in gear and set your mind on attack! Go after it until you get it. Stop making excuses about the time not being right. I’ve been there before. Do you know what I found out? There is no perfect time or perfect situation for anything, ever. You have to start where you are, with what you have, and you just do it, whatever it is for you. If it’s uncomfortable, fight the feeling and do it anyway. If you fail at it, fight despair and do it again, and again, and again. Let your frustration and your pain drive you to fight back, not roll over, tuck your tail between your legs, and wet on yourself. We create our opportunities and have to work with what we have and where we are. Don’t forget that. I encourage you to get up and get on with it. You won’t live forever. All you have is now. Don’t put yourself down; pump yourself up and get after it.

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Until next time, be blessed.


Good day.  I felt poetic today instead of educational; although there may be some eduction the following poem. Enjoy.


You wake up in the morning getting ready to chase your goal,
but you have the energy of someone who has slept in a small hole.

You tell yourself it’s okay, and move forward with all your might,
full of intention,  a stern chin, and the will to fight.

You’ve heard the words: it’s okay to get knocked down,
but deep inside, you believe, winners have no place on the ground.

You don’t know what’s coming your way today, success, famine, or blight, but know this, God gave you the power of choice to make whatever happens to you all right.

-Jonathan Desaussure

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Faith, the First step in the Success Journey

By Jonathan Desaussure

Faith is our light in times of darkness that illuminates our pathway to success.

It’s been a minute since I put anything here on this blog. I’ve been focused on finishing another project that I wanted to see done as soon as possible. I did achieve my goal. There were times when I thought I would never get the thing done by the time I wanted it done. Murphy showed up a number of times to hold things up, and I didn’t invite him. Just in case you don’t know Murphy; that’s the name given to unwelcomed and unforeseen problems that get in the way of us accomplishing something. As I sat in my office chair with a big smile on my face, savoring the feeling of accomplishment in spite of all the challenges, I reflected on how I managed to get through it all. It was by the use of faith and action. Faith was the key.

If you’ve lived long enough, you’ve no doubt ran into situations that have turned your life, and your schedule, upside down, inside out, or both. The situation types are endless. Any negative situation can be devastating and binding on the human psyche. Here’s how.

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